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I've been a member of this website (online-dating-) for the last three days. A lot of beautiful looking ladies, however I am still questioning if those profiles are real. Let's assume they are; I chose three profiles that I liked the most and emailed them with really honest and serious intentions which was free by the way, I've received an email the next day, but here is the catch - you have to pay anywhere from $5 to almost $50 per email to open and read depending on the profiles popularity. Actually you are making the profile popular. The more you send them emails the more they respond and every time you want to open their emails the price goes up, so by the time you are ready to go and meet this person, you probably spend anywhere from $200 to $700. Because they say after opening 15 mails they send you their contact info.

In the meanwhile, every single email that you send them is edited and translated by an agent so you are in the hands of the agent. My second email to one profile was 1700 letters, after I received her response I figured she didn't get everything that I wrote, than checked my own email and it was narrowed to 300 letters. I was so upset and called supposedly their customer service another Russian or Ukrainian picked up the phone and I told her my concerns about editing my email. She told me that I cannot put personal info about myself. I said ok that is fair, tell me how many letters a contact info would be, including address phone number and email address, she could not answer, I said 70 letters the most.

So I asked what happened to the other 1300 letters. She kept saying you can not include your contact info, I asked her to refund my $100 just earlier today, I will see if they will refund tomorrow. Conclusion; the site is a scam, if you want to meet with a couple profiles and email each other it will cost you close to $1000 or maybe even more plus all your mails are translated and edited by someone. And their response also translated to you from Russian or Ukrainian if that person really does exist. The issue is that you spend all that money just to read emails from a person that you don't even know that they really do exist, even if they do there is a third party always in between who edit your emails cut them and shape them to their taste. It is just insane.

It would cost less to travel to Ukraine and spend a couple days and meet somebody that you may really like and meet in person. At least you would get to see another country. Don't waste your money.

Now, there is a fundamental disconnect that online dating brings to light that I think can be particularly alienating. Basically, on most sites you have some photos, maybe a bit of a description (on OKcupid there is quite a bit of description, though now there are a bunch of apps like Coffee Meets Bagel or Tinder which are much lighter on text). Inevitably, this means that people are judging you based on extremely incomplete information, and of course, you’re doing the same for them. Which is what makes it particularly terrible. I browse people’s profiles, and so many of them are so, so terrible. So then I find a couple that seem pretty tolerable, or maybe even good, and send a message. And 99% of the time, at least these days, I don’t even get a response. Now, I know that women get a million messages, but it’s surreal to think of them doing the very same thing that I do: checking out my profile and finding me wanting. To me, it undermines the entire nature of online dating. The very same process that I use to choose who to message is being used against me, which means that my process is probably flawed. It feels like the whole process is predicated on a big lie.

Terrible online dating stories

Terrible online dating stories